Living Minecraft!

Here a Minecraft, there a Minecraft! Everywhere a Minecraft!

I am not reciting a rhyme here dude! This is real stuff.  You’d know what I am talking about if you are a video game player or have kids old enough to be one.

From being totally alien to this game and its lingo, now I can proudly state that I am at beginner level. I still do not play the game, but can somewhat speak and understand Minecraft. I am contemplating to even update the mom’s resume with this newly acquired skill

For the other moms and dads who want to get a hang of the Minecraft jargon, I have a special sneak peak into the mystical Minecraft influence in our daily life-

Now bedtime is not as simple as hunting for monsters under the bed, I have to look for different types of monsters— ‘Zombies, creepers and spiders that can spawn in the dark areas.’

The breakfast smoothie is no longer just a smoothie… it is a potion! Some days it is a potion of strength and at other times a potion of healing. The potions help to regain the ‘health’, literally and in the game too!

Piggy bank is now a treasure chest, while skin is no longer simply an outer layer of tissue that we are stuck with for lifetime. It is a layer that can be changed frequently, so if I do not like what I have; I can go to skin index and change it to my liking. How fun!

Seed, in my world is something I sow into soil, and it grows into a plant. But if you are in Minecraft, seed is also an algorithm to build a terrain. Dizzy yet?

Guardian is not a person who looks after you, but is a creature that shoots laser beam. Creeper is not a plant but a creature who runs at you and explodes.

In addition to the puzzling vocabulary, the virtual world of Minecraft also gives opportunities to practice kindness. My son told me that he does not like killing sheep for wool, but uses shears to shave it. Besides, this game has also inspired creative dialogue exchanges so the kids can relate to the situations better-

When I am not in my perky self and I want the kids to stay out of trouble. I say“Today I am in a survival mode and not in my usual creative mode.” The kids know that they have to watch out.

Minecraft Garden


When the kids need to finish some chores, I say “Sorry, you cannot play video game yet, as it is not in your hotkey slot. To move this item from your inventory to the hotkey slot, please clean-up your room!”

And, when the kids find themselves in a boring place or a party, I empathize, “I understand your disappointment, but consider this place as just one of your random unlucky spawn moment, and try to work with the resources you’ve got.”

Minecraft inspired dialogues have helped me to connect better with the kids, and I aspire to come up with a sequel to this post as I build up my skill through conversing and reading Minecraft. Until then, stay enchanted!!!

Photo credit: Niq Scott via / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Irregular Shed via / CC BY-NC-SA


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