Delight in April Fool’s Day

I woke up excited the morning of April Fool’s Day! I was eager to see the reactions of my kids while I played silly pranks on them. (they are old enough for some fun, so I believed)

“Look, there is a bug in your hair”I said to my 7-year-old. After the initial frazzled look, his expressions changed to a smile and he said, “You tricked me, I know today is April Fool’s day.”  We had a good laugh together. And, then we went to wake up my little one.

I said to my five years old “Look, Garfield is walking towards your bed.” He jumped out of bed to see his favorite stuff toy trot, and I said “April Fool!” We giggled for few minutes together, as I explained to him about having some harmless fun on this day, (without getting into the origin of this day which is still unclear-

Next was my hubby’s turn to get spoofed. So we three teamed up and thought of a simple prank.

As my hubby was reading newspaper in the family room, both kids sneaked in, and screamed, “Papa, there is a scorpion on the floor!.” My hubby jumped from the couch to look for the hideous Arizona bug, prepared to stamp it with a shoe. And both kids said with a chuckle, “April Fool Papa!.” Then the trick was followed by some more laughter and hugs

My kids caught on fast to indulge in this harmless banter, rather they were unstoppable-

“Your ears have grown big like elves.”april fool1

“You have a bunny tail”

“Your shoelaces are untied.”

As the Fools Day progressed, I served the dinner of grilled asparagus and sweet peppers. My older son came to me, “Mom I finished my veggies, and I need some more.” His words were music to my ears, and as I turned to serve him more. I heard him, “April fool Mom.” There, there! My mommy excitement went down the drain when he showed me the hidden veggies under the table.

As we got ready for bed, my little munchkin came to me with a very serious look, and said, “Mom, I will never kiss you.… So, I made a sad face, and he continued, “….but can you please bend a little.” I followed his directions with a delight for I knew what is to follow. He smothered me with kisses, and said: “I tricked you.”

What starts well, ends well too! On this April Fool’s day, my family indulged in some silly jokes, laughter and we lived a little more:-)

Photo credit: baejaar via / CC BY

Photo credit: One Way Stock via / CC BY-ND

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