Celebrating motherhood, and why my mom is my superhero?

With Mother’s day around the corner, the air feels warm and fuzzy just like a mother’s love for her children.

As no amount of greeting cards do justice to my mother’s love and devotion, I decided to write her a small appreciation and share a piece of her life’s journey as a mother-

My mother has been a single parent to me and my siblings for years, as destiny had its cruel way while she was still youthful. My mom is like a rock, strongly grounded in her values that guided me all along. I have seen her young with dark thick hair, and now I see her age gracefully with gray hair and wrinkled skin. Each line on her face tells a profound story of her sacrifices and struggles.

My mother is not from a fairy tale, so I don’t want to paint a rosy picture of a perfect mother. But with everything that life bestowed on her, she gave me more than perfect. She is real and authentic.

As a pre-teen, I saw her make efforts to rise above the life’s tragedy, and make lifestyle changes. From always having a chauffeur- driven car at her disposal to learning to drive in the most crowded streets of India where only dare-devils venture. She learned to maintain finances and invest, whilst still making our school lunches. We always had a hot lunch waiting for us at home which she prepared after diagnosing a million patients in her office. She was rough at times, but doesn’t stress does this to us? Even a mere act of aggression on the roads can drive us nuts, and my mom battled alone- a one person army – devoted caregiver, providing the much-needed support and security to her children.

The best gift she gave me as a teenager was her trust, and I was always wary to not break that precious gift of hers. The times I made mistakes, she was firm and non-encouraging, and that guided me towards right. The days I would get late coming home from my evening classes, my mother would wait for me outside the gate eyeing my safe return. She was like a guard protecting me from ‘roadside romeos’, and I felt safe in her care.

When I was a young adult, it must have been tough for her to let go, yet she did — she set me free from her nest— as that was best for me! The society was aghast at her decision to give her young daughter the wind to fly. Mind you those were the times when we did not have cellular phones!

With worst of my fears carefully tucked inside my handbag (I did not have my mom physically guarding me against goons now, I was on my own), I set on a two nights train journey to pursue my career, far from where I grew up. It was not easy for either of us, but I had to make it happen and she wanted me to succeed. Finally, with my mom’s best wishes I had an established career.

Eligible young women as I became, my mother became concerned about finding a good suitor for me, which I finally did and got married. My mother smiled and waved me goodbye, with tears rolling down her cheeks, as she watched me leave in my husband’s car. Her face was a canvas painted with bittersweet emotions as she wished me good for the new beginning, and the realization that her little daughter is leaving her nest forever.

With years gone and so many oceans away from her, I feel more connected to my mom than ever. Her wrinkles and the gray have turned deeper, and my mother who is also a grandma patiently awaits FaceTime to catch a glimpse of her grandkids.


Mom, now that I am a mother I recognize a lot more of the selfless love you gave me . No material gifts can come close to the gifts that you have given me in my life—

You gave me a sense of belonging when I was little, trust during my teens, and the wind to my wings to fly in the right direction as a young adult. Most of all you set me free to find my calling. You have inspired me to live a life of kindness, and honesty.

So on this mother’s day, I wish you companionship of people that can comfort and shower you with love and happiness. I pray for your good health, and also an ability to find and pursue your passion(s) and purpose that got lost while mothering us.

Motherhood is a special joy filled with different emotions, selfless love, and sacrifices. Let us all take a moment to celebrate it and wish all mothers and grandmoms, biological or otherwise, a life immersed in love, care, health, wealth, and comforts.

Happy Mother’s day!

Photo credit: laloking97 via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: DES Daughter via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


  1. Every word is so true so well picturesque. It took be back to visualising how mom would wait at the gate for us to return and despite her fears she gave us wings to fly. Mom may be fragile physically now but she is still a rock solid from within giving her children much needed support. Never been demonstrative enough in her affection yet the trust that she is there and will take us through remains unflinching in us as her children.
    Yes she is our pillar of strength and our superhero .Unfortunately when she needs us most none of us are physically there with her…

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