Finding humor in spring allergies


Spring is here, and ‘Achoo’ is nothing but my body’s way of saying, ‘Hello Spring!’

Anyone who is grappling with debilitating spring allergies would understand what I am talking about. But my dear allergic friends, do you know that there is a lighter side of having allergies–

You are grateful for two nostrils

One of your nostrils is almost clogged, and you realize how thankful you are for having two of them. At night, you roll over in the bed to open up each of those nostrils at a time, as you try to force some air through them.

You can truly feel it

While the people around you rejoice the spring, you in the real sense are the only one to feel this season from inside out. So don’t let the nonallergic kinds make you feel less important in any way.

Never-ending blessings

“Bless you”! It is what people say, when you sneeze. Every spring I accumulate thousands of blessings enough to get me through the year, and then I refill my blessings in the next spring. How cool is that!

You get to meet your type

How exciting it is to see another person going through the same allergic hell as you! When you go to a party with swollen red eyes, sniffling nose and then the moment you see someone else with the same symptoms, it is as if there is an instant connection between the two souls.

You start your Spring Fashion line…..of handkerchiefs

Tired of always carrying the boring white tissues, try using the colorful handkerchiefs. They help to keep the earth green and also make you in tune with spring fashion.

You got the power

The moment when you feel that the sneeze is coming and you have a look on your face to welcome it, and others around you become quiet waiting for it to pass by, but then it never comes. This quiet pre-sneeze face has the power to silence everyone around you.

Remember to warn people

When you go for your haircut or your eyebrows make sure you inform them ahead of time either verbally or by making the pre-sneeze face so that they are better prepared and you do not end up losing one of your brows over a sudden sneeze.

You can get away without shaking hands

People do not want to shake your hand full of tissue crud, so for once enjoy keeping your hands in your pockets while greeting people.

You can scatter the crowd

If you are in a party or a fiesta surrounded by a crowd you do not want, let your allergies take over and see the crowd disperse giving you some wanted space.

You wonder about the reality of drought

With the spring kicking in, your eyes and nose turn into oceans of water that refuse to stop, and you wonder if drought is for real?

You find your true love

The person who loves you with a runny nose, watery eyes, cough and with all that gooey stuff inside of you, is your true love.

Amongst all the sniffling and sneezing life goes on and spring comes and passes us by. Don’t let these allergies take better off you. Find your humor and happy sneezing!

Photo credit: paterjt via / CC BY-NC-ND


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