Little Readers Corner

My dear readers

Come dive into the everyday life adventures of nine-year-old Cheelu Peelu, living in an Indian suburb of a Metropolitan city. She lives in an apartment with her mom, dad, her grandma-Biji and her little pooch-Coco. She is a literal-minded kind-hearted girl, inspired by Peggy Parish’s character of Amelia Bedelia. So, when her mom asks her to stick to a plan or keep an eye out, she doesn’t quite get it.

And then trying to make sense of Biji’s Hindi phrases spins her head-Ghar ki murgi daal barabar(A chicken at home seems no better than dal (pulses)-Self-possessions are always undermined), and Oont Ke Muh me Zira-A cumin seed in a camel’s mouth- grossly insufficient offer.

I write stories of Cheelu Peelu for a reputed lifestyle magazine of Gurgaon called ‘Suburb’ with a purpose to provide bilingual kids in India a fun way to enhance their language skills.



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