I am busy syndrome

I’ve been ignoring my blog for last few weeks.

Somewhere down the lane I ran out of ideas and then I lost the vibe to write. But let truth  be told that the creativity emerges when you show-up regularly, not the other way round, the lazy way I just described ‘I ran out of ideas so I stopped writing!’

But I could not show up as ‘I’ve been keeping very busy’, another excuse I tell for not doing some work. ‘I am busy’,  is a convenient excuse as it frees me from the guilt trap about ignoring my work (writing in this case). I am busy and I cannot take time out to write. It is that simple. Right? Also, if writing is my passion, it should come naturally to me but it does not.

Until recently when I reflected on the ‘I am busy’ syndrome, I realized that we tend to wear the ‘I am busy’ status as a badge of honor. As a mom if I have idle time then I feel that I am not spending enough time in taking care of my children. In reality idle time is good, it means that I rock as a mom! It implies that I am good at time management skills and I can take time to go out for dinner and pedicure. Basically smell the roses on way to motherhood.

‘I am busy’ is a facade, a lie that I tell myself and others when in reality I am not able to manage my time and my chores are all over the place. With this new found wisdom, I decided to do the housekeeping of the chores that are carelessly scattered all over the place keeping me occupied and less productive.  I tidied my chores neatly organizing them so that I can do them in less time.

After the realization and some effort on my part to focus on the task at hand,  I decided to show up today and start writing after weeks. After all ninety percent of success is just showing up. If I keep at it regularly, hope is that my neurons would have to give in and ideas will emerge to create something readable for my readers.

If any of you ever feel like hiding in bed, hope this little piece of writing inspires you to get out and show-up.


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