Hello woman, are you fair, wheatish or dark?

“Do not wear purple. It makes you look dark,” so they told me.

But today, purple is my favorite color.

The above two lines sum up my journey.

Chocolate, caramel, honey, cinnamon, and wheat! I am not stating the ice-cream flavors, but shades of brown skins that prevail in India.

And I am wheatish or maybe somewhere in between honey and wheatish!

Wheatish, in India, refers to the people who are not fair. The word ‘fair’ is not be confused with righteousness, but fair in this context alludes to the skin tone that is multiple shades lighter than wheatish.

Shadeism or colorism, whatever name you give to this prejudice, it does not matter. The important fact is India’s obsession with fairness though not new is still quite prevalent. Parents and relatives of the girls with dark complexion are often consumed with the anxiety of finding a suitable groom, and inadvertently transfer their insecurities to the child.  The girl gets humiliated every time the society favors the light skinned.

No one deserves to get hurt for their color. No one! Period.
The big companies feed off these deep-rooted insecurities and blatantly promote their skin whitening products. They even rope in big celebrities who endorse the idea that becoming light skinned brings success in life!

We all know how superficial these claims are? Granted that because of the deep ingrained fundamental that ‘fair is beautiful,’ the light skinned people are favored by the unintelligent, but promoting the concept that fair skin alone can get you success is preposterous.

Get over it people!

The Matrimonial advertisements in the Indian newspapers further aggrandize the fair color. A typical ad for ‘brides wanted’ reads, ‘Wanted a fair, slim, beautiful and convent educated girl for our son.’ Any sane person would know that for a marriage to be successful you need a connection at the emotional level and not at the skin gradient level.

Bollywood Cinema that prefers to star milky white complexion women does little to abate this unfair bias towards white complexion.

I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, though, with movements like ‘Dark is beautiful’ (http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/india-obsessed-white-skin-actress-article-1.1498783). There is a gradual shift in the mentality, and the new generations are not deeply prejudiced by the skin color driven beauty meter. But something that has been part of the society for decades would take years to change, and cliché as it may sound, ‘the change begins with us.’

This month of March is especial!  Women’s history month, Woman’s day all fall in March. What better way to celebrate than to appreciate the beauty in each one of us-

' I am beautiful NOT like YOU... I am beautiful like ME.'

(This was posted by one of my friends on social media, and it strikes a perfect chord with this article.)

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Drumroll, please…

Today is the special day!

It is my Blog Anniversary!

Hurray, I completed one year of blogging!

Today is the day when I care less if you judge me for being full of myself!

After all, I deserve to indulge a bit and celebrate creating 41 blog posts.

I partially share this crown with my hubby who encouraged me to pursue writing and shared some kind words,

“Either you go for it with full throttle or just don’t ever regret in future for not trying to write.(Period)”

And, oh those gentle words of his left such impression on me that I jumped right into this blogosphere pool, and ever since have survived 365 days and have become future hopeful.

Blogging has done me good in many ways—

Blogging taught me discipline.

I had committed myself to writing a post every week. I faltered many times but then I continued to write regardless. We humans are much more conscious of our actions in public, so by creating a blog I announced to the world ‘expect me to write,’ and ever since I have stood by it.

Writing blogs made me resilient.

I have learned to write irrespective of the likes and praises. In one year, I have received 19 likes, which is beyond pathetic. Though likes are a great energizer, but not the sole motivation for me to write, else, you would have read a demise letter of my blog rather than this anniversary announcement.

It introduced me to some excellent writings and bloggers.

The better I want to write the more I read about the world around me.It exposed me to  quality write-ups and some wonderful sites.


It made me friends with my long lost passion.

Few years back when I wanted to get back into my corporate career, I read an article about ‘finding your passion.’ It made me ask myself what is that purpose in my life or the fire in my belly or the thing that defines me? The article made me contemplate about my interests, and I dug deeper and deeper. Though writing has been one of my interests I had never given it a serious thought. With the creation of the blog, I write regularly, and it fulfills me when I play with words and hours fly by like few minutes.

Here is a link to that thought provoking article for my readers-


It repurposed my life, or you can call it midlife crises:-)

Yep, I changed the course of my life and on this journey I do not have a GPS, but comfort of my own passion that provides the directions to my dream.  In this learning journey, I consult several sites and youtube videos, research new terms, some I understand while some I pass as jargons. It has been a slow but a rewarding journey.

I learned that if I put my mind into something, I can do it.

And then later I even get to feel good about myself.

Most importantly, it has introduced me to few friends like you who read my posts and provide encouraging comments to keep me going on this path I’ve dared to tread. I am grateful for your followings and appreciation. It fuels me to write better, for you, and for myself.

I am no Shakespeare, but I am glad to be me!

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