Earth Day: Embracing and preserving nature

Tweet tweet…! The sound of the birds and the cool breeze is a good enough reason for me to spread my yoga mat each morning. My mind, body and soul are blissful amidst the natural surroundings. Here is a short video of my mornings in my backyard-

I can easily generalize that all humans feel rejuvenated in the arms of nature. It’s the reason we look forward to a trip to the mountains, a hike into the forests or a jog on the sea shore. This beautiful nature that is present in abundance on our planet earth continues to charm and refresh us without really asking much in return, except a little maintenance so that this alluring beauty can be enjoyed by our future generations also.

Earth day is one such day observed each year since 1970 as a reminder for us to be kind towards the planet we live on. This day was started as an effort by the US senator to bring environment protection into the political limelight. I believe he succeeded as we continue to celebrate the planet on this day by indulging in green activities and spreading awareness about the preservation.

I must admit that environment protection is not in the forefront of my thoughts as that VIP seating is always reserved for family and friends. However, I realize that because of my early exposure to nature as a kid, I have an inbuilt respect and appreciation for the natural surroundings, and so I tend to gravitate towards the activities that promote sustenance of natural environment. Some of my favorite childhood memories pertain to having discussions with friends while comfortably seated on the branches of the guava tree.

With that background, I attempt to pass the wisdom of nature to my children as well. I encourage them to spend time outside- be it helping me in the garden, trying to climb the trees, playing in the park, short hikes up the mountain- so that they can derive the health benefits, and experience the joy of proximity to nature. I believe that if we succeed in connecting our kids to nature, we do not have to make special efforts to teach them the benefits of recycling and growing trees. They will imbibe nature as a way of everyday living, thus put in their hearts to preserve and embrace its beauty.

So, what are your thoughts on this subject? Do you seek nature to calm and heal?What steps do you take to inculcate green behavior in your life?

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