Facebook posts that threaten:click ‘like’ else bad luck will follow

Yesterday I ignored the Facebook post that claimed that bad luck would follow me if I did not click ‘like.’ So, did bad luck follow me? Here is an account of series of incidents soon after-

In my morning haste I forgot my purse at home, which meant I was driving my kids to school without my driver’s license! “So much for not liking that post!” I thought. I drove extra careful which also meant to follow the listed speeds on the streets. It was frustrating to watch everyone else pass by while I was stuck to the speed limit. After about 2 miles I got used to this speed and indulged in chit-chat with my children.

As we were laughing at a ‘knock-knock’ joke, a flashing red and blue light caught my eye in the rare view mirror. I knew drinking and driving don’t mix. But, was laughing and driving not allowed too? Or was I going too slow? My mind was taken over by dark thoughts.

I slowed and moved to the right to pull over.  The atmosphere inside the car was no longer jovial. We all were silent and tensed. I prepared myself to show my papers to the officer. “Good heavens! This traffic stop is a bad luck incarnated!”

Then, to my surprise, the police car drove past me. “Yippee! We are fine! I am fine! Thank you!” I muttered. I laughed, and my kids followed. It was the laugh of relief.

I realized that I had spent three minutes of the valuable morning time in this traffic situation. I returned back on the road, and we finally made it to the school. It was a typical chaotic drop-off scene, but the car line was longer than the usual. Even though I find parallel parking nerve wrecking I decided to park next to the sidewalk and walk the munchkins to the school. Hello people, don’t judge me! I live in Phoenix, that has no dearth of space. This is not San Francisco or New York! After multiple attempts, I parked my car and felt proud of my little feat. I walked the kids to the school, and we made it inside the door just in the nick of the time. At that point, I was happy and cared less for not clicking ‘like’ on that post.

On my walk back to the sidewalk, I glanced at all the cars that were perfectly parked, but one that was positioned at an awkward angle with its front blocking portion of the street. The traffic had to maneuver around it to go straight. I smirked at the thought of someone else being worst than me in parallel parking. As I trotted close to the sidewalk I realized ‘THAT WAS MY CAR!How did my car get all imperfectly slanted?’ My thoughts were interfered by  the fluttering pink slip on my car’s windscreen. My worst fears were coming true. ” Is the prophecy of that Facebook post turning real? Or I am being superstitious?” I was not in a mood for the parking citation. I saw bad luck signs everywhere. I reached out to the slip with my trembling arms. It read, ‘Martha’s Cleaning Service.’My forehead softened.

“I am the luckiest person ever!” I blushed as if this pink slip was a love note.  Bad luck was not stalking me, after all, it was my vulnerable mind playing games. dislike

These messages on social media that ask for ‘Likes’ or ‘Amen’ with an else clause, toy with the hearts of naive and thrive on the superstitions. No one would think lesser of you if you choose to disregard these messages. Ignoring these posts did not make me any less of a human or decline my compassion index!

Like or ignore my post, and good luck will follow you for your lifetime!

Photo credit: Brett Jordan via Foter.com / CC BY

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee via Foter.com / CC BY



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