10 reasons to fall in love with the Fall in Phoenix

Living in Phoenix, I would not know that the fall season has started unless I see on the calendar or the wardrobe changes in the retail flyers. Neither the leaves change their hue, nor do I hear the dry foliage crackling underneath my feet, but still there is something magical about the autumn in Phoenix.

Here are the 10 reasons why I love fall in Phoenix-

1.The temperatures dip

The fall season is the much-needed respite after the scorching long triple-digit summer temperatures.

A few weeks back a flyer advertising lash extensions caught my eye because I found it inappropriate for Phoenix area. It read, Summer is short, lashes don’t have to be! Really! Are you kidding me! S-h-o-r-t summer in Phoenix! I am positive the creator of the flyer would be passing by Phoenix to call its summer ‘short’.

2.Plants turn a new leaf

After getting bashed by the ruthless hot sun and intense heat waves, this is the time when the plants again become alive and turn green again (besides the native cacti like Saguaro which are evergreen).

Saguaro cacti

My tomatoes and pepper plants (I call my few alive plants, ‘the survivors’) are blooming again as if it is spring. 

3.Beginning of the outdoor life

While some Phoenicians continue living their outdoor life in all seasons just like the evergreen Saguaro, people like me wait for the fall to get the outdoor gear out. This is the time to take out my yoga mat in our backyard, go for morning run, hiking and visit to the famers market.

Roadrunner park farmers market by Sumit Seth

4.Cherish the parks

Parks are a part of enjoying the outdoor life, but they need a separate mention for its importance to our family. The beautiful Phoenix parks during fall are a haven for us where kids can run around, have fun and get completely wiped out and ready for their beds.

5.Save on electricity

After cranking up the air conditioners for four months, fall is the time to give the big machine some rest, and in turn, save on the electricity bills.

6.Beautiful sunsets

Arizona sees one of the most spectacular sunsets in the continent all season around. But as the temperatures drop this time of the year, it becomes a lot easier to go out and enjoy the beautiful sunset colors.

Sunset in Phoenix by Kanika Ahuja


Colorful sunset by Amita Jyoti


Some of the places to enjoy the best view of the sunset are listed here-

Places to see sunset in Phoenix

7.No bundled-up Halloween

We do not have to worry about layering ourselves and children in warm clothes for trick or treating as the temperatures are pleasant.

8.Guests are welcome

Fall is the time when the snowbirds visit and the summer transit birds return. We have crowd visiting Phoenix to find a refreshing place to spend their fall and winters.

9.Beginning of the festivities

Fall is the time for pumpkin patches, farm visits, sports, state fair, art exhibits and concerts. Check this site for all the fall happenings-Fall events in Phoenix

10.Day light saving time

Phoenix does not observe the daylight saving time like most of the country. So when the rest of the country would adjust the clocks this fall on November 6th to end the daylight saving time, we would be comfortably sleeping in beds, and will wake up to see the same time on our clocks.

Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna via Foter.comCC BY-NC-ND


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