The day I decided to be on a laundry strike

This weekend I decided to be on a laundry strike.

Friday flew past me. And, I did not do the laundry.

“Run naked, my family if you have to. Wear stinky and dirty clothes, if you want to. But I WILL NOT DO THE LAUNDRY.”

Saturday came and was gone.  From the side of my eyes, I saw the mountain of dirty clothes getting bigger and higher. But, I cared less. I did not do the laundry.

Then came Sunday-the last day of the weekend. But, I had decided NOT to do the laundry.

“After all, LAUNDRY is BORING! It is routine. And this weekend I defy the mundane.”

I glanced at the ever-increasing pile of dirty garments in the laundry basket. “Ugh! Who makes so much of dirty clothes? Well, who am I kidding? I have a factory that manufactures these dirty clothes..ha! My cute two little munchkins, who make sure that I am never out of a launderer job. Thoughtful indeed!”

th-2“But, doing laundry is tedious-
It starts with gathering clothes from the baskets and sorting them. Then removing underwears attached to the pants, emptying the pockets of the precious rock and leaf collection. I am sure you know the drill if you are the chosen one to do the laundry in your house. Phew! It is a lot of work, so I WILL NOT DO THE LAUNDRY THIS WEEKEND.PERIOD.”

“After all, the job doesn’t stop after taking the clothes out of the dryer. I have to fold clothes, iron the lucky few that make to this point, and then pair a million socks. YIKES!”

“Well, you would think that after the folding and arranging, laundry would be done. But hell no, you will never get to enjoy that AHA moment in this job. By the time you complete the entire washing drill, there is another small pile getting ready to be washed.”

cfed4622527cbd0c6a6c18cc81e9ee3b“As I can never check off the laundry task from my list, then why bother to do laundry? Another reason, I WILL NOT DO THE LAUNDRY. SIGH!!! “

Hello, Tech world, Self-driving cars are alright, but it's 
time that you came up with self-cleaning clothes!

My family can survive without doing laundry for a week and a half or maybe more. In all honesty, I wouldn’t enjoy seeing them in stinky and wrinkled clothes. And, it is true that I have laundry because my family has clothes…lots of them. And I have loads of laundry because I am blessed with dirt manufacturers- my kids.
Never before it dawned on me that doing laundry can be super gratifying. It is a monotonous task, yes, but nevertheless a blessing.

Laundry strike called off.


My family had clean clothes to wear this week. What more can I say?

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash


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