The simple joys in life

We live our lives in an autopilot mode and tend to pay little or no attention to the countless small moments we can imbibe joy from, every single day. Once we become mindful of these moments, then there is no stopping the happiness project. This realization is the genesis of gratitude, and we start being thankful for everyday things in life. This consciousness that we are immensely blessed is followed by a reflexive desire to give back to the world. And in turn this giving back makes us happy. So the overarching conclusion is that being aware of the simple life joys will create a happier you!


Don't wait for something big to occur.
Start where you are, with what you have,
and that will always lead you into something greater.
- Mary Manin Morrissey

And now imagine if more and more people became mindful of these small wonders in their lives, very soon the world would transform into a more livable peaceful place. It is the power of the small joys in life!

Not to say that we get completed sucked into enjoying the everyday small pleasures and not have more significant life goals- having lofty goals are essential to move forward, and are more important for some people than the others. The very reason it makes some people more ambitious than the others. However, the big difference is that the happy people are cognizant of the journey, and embracing these simple pleasures fuel their path to the goals . They savor each moment, and in toto influence positively the world.

alex-blajan-271170So, always breathe and reflect on the things that make your life beautiful-The sound of cool breeze rustling the leaves, the first harvest from your garden, the walk on the cool green grass or on the beach sand, the CRUNCH of the fall leaves OR that of the cereal in your breakfast bowl, kiss from your spouse, the hug from your child, a kind act by a stranger, a funny (or lame) joke that you heard, the smell of morning chai (or coffee), the recipe that turned out well or not (at least your tried), the friends that you can have wine with, laughter of your (or other) kids, watching your (or your better half’s) favorite show, having dinner with family or eating alone (at least you have dinner on a plate), pets that take you out for a walk or give you company on those cold lonely days, snarky remark by your colleague (at least you have a job, and you have working ears. Yay!!), getting old ( you get to celebrate birthdays, and you are alive), and then for being blessed with a life that you can make of whatever you want.

Enjoy the little things in life, 
for you'll one day look back
and realize 
they were the BIG THINGS.

Learning to enjoy these small things is one of the most critical learnings we can pass on to the next generation-their everyday life chaos stoked by burgeoning technology and unsurpassed competition. Without this gift it would be effortless for this generation to get caught in a dark cycle of depression and frustration. So instead of the Ninetindo Switch that your kid has been asking you for, do them a favor, and give them a gift of lifetime-to savor the stillness and smell the roses. They will not be happy today (you’ll have sulking kids), but be assured you are on the track to successfully creating a happier next generation.

I’d received a forwarded message sometimes back about the things people regret on their death bed, and then I came across this article Most of the regrets stem from being caught up in the daily grind, so the lesson for us living healthy folks is to choose to find joy in the simple things in life, seize these moments and don’t let them go by-UNNOTICED.

Time is running out for all us! Embrace your journey and find simple joys.

Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash


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