Is love really blind?

Chocolates, champagne, hearts, plush! Love is in the air, and is very visible on racks of shopping malls. Well, love is always around us, but there is something about the month of February when it all comes together beautifully to celebrate Valentine’s day.

People always say that love is blind, and it makes me wonder if it really is! So I let my thoughts wonder to the people in my life to investigate if love is really blind.

My first thoughts stopped at my parents, and I reminisced an incident of my early childhood when I had conspired with my cousin to steal money from my mom’s secret jar to buy candies. We succeeded in our little theft, and had lot of candies to enjoy too, until we got busted. The candy shop owner came to my Dad to return the change, and that was the funeral of my burglary profession, before it even took off. <for which I am so glad>. My parents dealt with me firm and with love, and because of which I never strayed….again. Their love was definitely not blind, but surely a classic case of far sightedness, and boy, am I glad that their love is tainted with this condition!

My next stop are my siblings- we bond over our past, make fun of our follies and share the wisdom and life lessons, besides the clothes, but, do we have blind love? Somewhat blind, for we do not judge each other based on the confessions, very myopic too for we do not miss an opportunity to make fun of each other, and many times cross eyed too when one calls the other the dreaded ‘f’ word ‘fat’.

I know my thoughts are in the pet zone now, as I feel the wet cold nose and warm snuggles. In my childhood days I had a dachshund dog as pet, and he was one mischievous little rascal. As a pup he chewed our footwear, hid in my closet, and got kicked by a cow, but for all the mischief he did, he would only get love in return. He was dealt with toughness for his wrongdoings, but moment later he would be back wagging his skinny tail and licking me like we have not met in ages. When left alone in the house for couple hours, he would welcome me on our return with squeals and shiny eyes. I found his love for me, was without any complexities, it was plain love and it did not change based on the actions…, and this pet love I can say was blind!

I hear giggles and emotional rant, it is because my thoughts are now about my friends. I have all kinds of friends- the angels, maniacs, fashion divas, emotional freaks, weirdos, drama queens, workaholics and romantic kinds. So we friends are all different yet so much alike, and we never miss an opportunity to point out the follies. So I rest my case that friendship is not blind, rather has a perfect eyesight of 20/20.

Now my thoughts pace towards the next phase of my life, and I feel my heart racing, maybe because the next stop is my hubby- the romance of my life! Our love is sometimes a case of astigmatism, when we are in midst of arguments and at those moments we find it it hard to focus on any positives, but as minutes go by we get some clarity, and then we turn into being far sighted where in we visualize getting old together, and then next moment myopic when he mentions that the dinner does not taste as good, and I leave the table, cross- eyed.


Now my thoughts have gained a steady soft pace, it is because I am in my kid zone. As a parent, I try to have a far sighted love, but many times I get a cloudy vision of cataract when I do not seem to find the end button to the video gaming session and I shower them with all my frustration. For now, I believe that my kids love for me is blind, for they do not hesitate to give me a hug even after I had been mad at them.


After careful examination, I can say that love is tainted with all kind of eye conditions, not just blindness. But it is this imperfectness that makes love the most beautiful and wanted gift in the whole wide world.

Happy Valentine’s day to all my readers. May you all be blessed with this beautiful gift of love, today, and forever.

Photo credit: caruba via / CC BY-NC

Photo credit: BurgTender via / CC BY-SA


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